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Catalysis seeks to transform the healthcare industry to deliver higher value through experiments, collaboration and education that integrates three interdependent components (transparency, focus on value to patients, & payments models that reward value) and spreads learning and accelerates improvement.

Lean Enterprise Institute works to carefully develop hypotheses about lean thinking and experiment to see which approaches work best in the real world. They then write up and teach what they discover, providing new methods for organizational transformation.

Rona Consulting‘s mission is to transform healthcare leaders into Lean executives who will transform their organizations, helping clinicians and staff members to pursue perfection in all of their organizational processes. They concentrate on transferring the philosophy, technology, methods and tools of Lean management so that clients becomes fully capable of educating their entire workforce and developing the next generation of Lean leaders.

Center for Healthcare Organizational Innovation Research (CHOIR) aspires to help make the U.S. healthcare system one characterized by high quality, efficient, and patient-centered care; through practice-based research and dissemination of evidence.