Our Partners

CLEAR Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors provide financial support for CLEAR and are represented on our Strategic Advisory Council.

CLEAR Strategic Advisory Council

The CLEAR Strategic Advisory Council will provide current information on the development and evolution of Lean management in healthcare organizations, and advise CLEAR directors on the best ways to develop evidence-based, actionable knowledge about Lean. The Strategic Advisory Council will work with CLEAR’s research team to identify the research questions that are of greatest importance to the field, and develop strategies for communicating research findings to healthcare professionals in order to improve the use of Lean in hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

CLEAR Research Advisory Council

The CLEAR Research Advisory Council will assist the CLEAR directors in identifying key organizational performance metrics, the most promising research designs, and appropriate analytic techniques for assessing the effects of Lean in healthcare organizations. The Research Advisory Council will also provide the directors with current information about relevant new research publications, upcoming research conferences and workshops, and opportunities to conduct research on the effects of Lean in hospitals and other healthcare organizations.